Our Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach to the curriculum allows children to become fully immersed in their learning. Each project is based around a “Big Question” and combines history, geography or science with other subjects from the wider curriculum.

Projects are carefully planned around detailed skill progressions which are carefully mapped to ensure a broad depth of learning is developed within lessons that are innovative, engaging, challenging and purposeful. PBL lessons seek to develop not only a love of learning that knows no limits, but to provide children with the opportunity to develop deep subject knowledge whilst embodying our school values. This approach provides our children with an emotional link to the world around them and empowers them to see that they have the power to change the world.

The final element of each PBL project culminates in an exhibition. We invite parents and carers into school to see and celebrate all the fantastic work that students have produced as part of their PBL project. By providing children with an authentic audience, they are encouraged to develop essential life skills that prepare them for the real world.

Year 3

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
How did life change in Pre-Historic Britain? How do we keep our bodies healthy? Would you drink dinosaur wee?

Year 4

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Who did more for Britain: The Romans, the Anglo-Saxons or the Vikings? What is the role of food in our lives? Should I stay or should I go?


Year 5

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Who were more civilised, the Ancient Egyptians or the Ancient Maya? How do you make magic real? Can we save the world's lungs?


Year 6

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Who were the Heroes of World War II? How does life evolve? Which is the most disastrous - earthquakes or volcanoes?