Geography Curriculum Overview

At Henry Hinde Junior, geography is taught through Project Based Learning; an engaging and purposeful approach to learning where subjects are linked.

The order of our geographical units has been purposefully chosen to develop pupils’ locational understanding. In Year 3, pupils learn about rivers and mountains, specifically in the UK, developing their understanding of the country we live in. Moving into Year 4, pupils develop their knowledge of Europe by comparing the UK to another country within Europe. In Year 5, pupils extend their knowledge to South America in their study of the Amazon Rainforest, including issues linked to climate change. Finally, Year 6 pupils learn about natural disasters across the globe, drawing on their existing locational knowledge as well as learning about more complex geographical processes. Through these units, pupils also develop their geographical language, map skills and understanding of methods of enquiry.

Each year group takes part in an inspirational enrichment activity linked to their project. In previous years these have included; Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Coombe Abbey and local area walks.

During June, the school takes part in National Fieldwork Fortnight in order for pupils to understand the practical applications of geographical skills. This is an opportunity to take our classes out to investigate, observe, discover, challenge, test out ideas and gain a deeper and wider understanding of the world around them.