History Curriculum Overview

History is taught through Project Based Learning at Henry Hinde Junior School, where pupils learn in an engaging and purposeful way by linking their subjects and working towards answering an overarching question.

With a focus on vocabulary and enquiry skills, our aim is for pupils to develop their historical understanding and reasoning, resulting in a better understanding of the world around them. Pupils have the opportunity to study artefacts related to each of the time periods they study; asking questions and interpreting what they find. Throughout their time with us, the pupils will annually revisit our key knowledge threads: Cause and Consequences; Legacy and Achievement; Similarities and Differences; and Society and Culture. These key threads enable the children to learn not only key facts, but the impact of historical events, leaders and civilisations.

The order of historical units has been chosen based on pupils’ understanding, engagement and age-appropriate content. This means we are able to develop the children’s chronological understanding as well as being mindful of their ability to understand complex ideas.

Each year group is given the opportunity to experience an inspirational enrichment activity linked to their project. In previous years these have included; Bosworth Battlefield, The British Museum, Compton Verney and Bletchley Park.

We also run a History Club for pupils across the school, who are currently learning about the Tudor dynasty. Meeting weekly, the pupils’ interests are leading the sessions, where pupils are encouraged to ask questions and research to find information; drawing their own conclusions from what they find out.