About the Trust
Henry Hinde Junior School is proud to be part of the Transforming Lives Educational Trust.
The Transforming Lives Educational Trust was established in 2016 through a partnership between high-performing primary and secondary academies in Rugby, Warwickshire. Since then, the Trust has grown with the addition of primary and secondary academies, including a secondary free school and a successful Teaching Alliance.
The Transforming Lives Educational Trust believes in the transformative power of learning and its singular ability to broaden horizons, deepen perspectives and extend potential. TLET wants its family of academies to provide a springboard for children, young people and staff so that they become exemplary citizens who strive to stretch their potential and become transformers in a diverse and ever-changing world.
The Trust wants to add value to its academies and the communities they serve – schools should be better served being part of the Transforming Lives family than not. It’s a simple but vital measure for all that the Trust does and how it adapts in the pursuit of its vision of “Learning Today for the World of Tomorrow”.
You can find out more about the Transforming Lives Educational Trust here.