The school has an amazing and supportive group of leaders, teachers and invaluable support staff who are committed to helping each and every child


  • Miss J Nurse

Vice Principal 

  • Miss J Stewart

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo)

  • Miss A Stapleton

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs J Evans
  • Mrs K Evans
  • Miss K Crowther
  • Miss J Spence
  • Mr T Daniel
  • Miss E Heath
  • Mrs L Taylor
  • Miss F Lines
  • Mrs J Newton
  • Mr M Baird

Teaching Assistants:

  • Mrs C Burnett
  • Mrs A Bucur
  • Mrs R Kite
  • Mrs A Roberts
  • Mrs J Parker
  • Mrs M Surgeon
  • Miss D Peirce
  • Miss J Tyler
  • Miss B Peirce
  • Mrs N Corbisley
  • Mrs A Thevanath

Behaviour Mentor:

  • Mrs C Round

Family Worker:

  • Ms C Solomon

Office Manager

  • Mrs L Baldwin

Site Supervisor:

  • Mr D Burrell

Cleaning Staff:

  • Mrs V Morgan
  • Mrs A Thevanath

School Dog:

  • Lola